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How to Build Your Social Media Presence by Specializing

How to Build Your Social Media Presence by Specializing

If you are in the beginning phases of building a brand online, the number of options out there for online marketing can be daunting. The trick is to keep things simple in the beginning to avoid burnout.

We all know there are a number of different mediums and platforms for getting your brand’s message out online. Social media gurus are constantly telling you to get on everything from Facebook to Youtube to Podcasts.

The truth is, none of it is going to work if you can’t be consistent. To avoid stretching yourself too thin, it is smart to pick one medium and completely master it.

Specializing is Key

When we first started our agency, we ran the generic package that any agency would think to start with. A FULL social media package where we would take content from our clients and distribute it simultaneously throughout a variety of social networks including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

We would get engagement, but as we continued to render our services this way, we noticed we were having little impact on our clients ROI. It was hard to quantify the sales when we were spread so thin monitoring different platforms. It also became hard to determine which platform was generating sales when we were driving the traffic from different platforms through one landing page.

We also began to learn that each platform had its own context and what performed well on one platform, would not perform as well on another.

That’s when it all clicked. We decided to master one platform instead, allowing us to narrow our services using a more specialized approach. This is when our client’s ROI began to shoot through the roof along with our monthly revenue.

The Master of One

For us, it happened to be Facebook. This is the platform we were most familiar with and had the best track record with at the time. It had the easiest way for us to track the effectiveness of our advertising efforts.

We also knew that most people on Facebook are from the age of 25 to 60. Typically, people in this age range have the most buying power in the market. This means our advertising could be targeted to people more likely to have expendable income. Meaning more sales.

It is important to note that Facebook ads also run on Instagram simultaneously so we were able to kill two birds with one stone this way.

Through thousands of dollars of testing on Facebook, we also began to understand the context of the platform and the art of catching people’s attention.

We would never have reached the level of success we are at right now if we did not choose to specialize rather than broaden our services.

We are now branching out to different platforms such as Youtube and Linkedin as they begin to follow Facebook’s example by providing local advertising in a cost-effective way. However, we wouldn’t have solid ground to stand on if we hadn’t mastered Facebook first.

Knowing that we can always achieve sales through Facebook has helped our agency grow very rapidly.

Sidenote Bonus

Specializing in any industry can be beneficial. Even if you have a wide variety of services that you offer. Marketing in a way that positions yourself as an expert on a specialized skill can lead to a more concise marketing message as well as an influx of sales.

For instance, if you are an accountant. You may make more sales and become way better at what you do if you specialize in “Accounting for Retail” or even more specialized “Accounting for Landscape Companies”.

This method works particularly well when using advertising to get in front of a certain demographic.

Think about it, do you think a retail business owner is more likely to go with an accountant who does everything or an accountant that specializes in accounting for retail businesses? It makes life easier on your prospects and also can help you specialize in doing a certain task all the time without spreading yourself too thin learning the specifics of different specialties.

I hope you found value in this post that will help you with your own endeavors.

Thank you,

Cody Slosson




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