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January 2018 Recap

January 2018 Recap

Our company had a great start to the new year. We have been through so much in the years leading up to this point and we have finally reached a new level. A new year is always a good chance for a fresh start.

We celebrated the start of the new year by transitioning from an LLC to an S Corp, which was an accomplishment for us and is going to save us a lot of money on taxes. We got this done through the best formation attorney in town.

We capped off December 2017 by adding two multi-million dollar companies to our monthly client list. This lead to a need for hiring new employees and putting project management systems in place. For the last couple years, it has just been my business partner Mike and I hammering out fulfillment from sun up to sun down and now we are able to finally afford some experts to assist us.

Along with increasing the manpower of our company, I was able to get approved for my first house. This was one of the biggest accomplishments I have had the joy to experience. I have waited patiently for years in a one bedroom apartment for the right moment and the right house. The day finally came.

We also went through several training courses that taught us marketing strategies for the new year. We bought all new equipment including new dual monitors for Mike and I as well as a new 2018 iMac equipped with the complete Adobe suite.

Dreams do come true

This company started out as a dream. A dream to gain financial freedom and a better life for us and those around us. It is so rewarding to see it finally working out so smoothly. It took a lot of long days and long nights but we finally have stable ground to stand on. We are also at a point where we are paying down our debts and investing a healthy amount back into our company on a monthly basis to grow more rapidly.

My biggest advice for anyone out there that wants to become successful in life is something that I learned from Napoleon Hill. UNDERSTAND YOUR PURPOSE. Nothing is more important to your personal success than establishing your definiteness of purpose.

Your purpose establishes the beginning of your route. Find out how you are going to serve the world. Those who think they will be able to become successful without bringing anything to the table are in for a rude awakening. It is like sitting in front of the fireplace and asking for heat without fueling the fire first. Stack the wood first. Find out what the fuel to your success will be. What you will provide in order to receive your financial success.

Back when we first started this venture, it started by figuring out what we would be content doing every day to help other people. Once this was clear, the first steps became clear. Then the path became clear.

Always strive for more

Some people may think it is selfish to ask for more. Don’t be afraid. If you are content where you are at, that is fine, you already won. But for those of you striving to always expand your potential, don’t be afraid to ask the universe for more. Even if you get to the point you are comfortable, always keep reaching or you will move backward. We realized in our day-to-day that it is super important to set new benchmarks.

Celebrate when you reach the desired point. Once the celebrating is over, buckle down and keep reaching. You will be surprised where you might find yourself. When we got to the start of this year managing the marketing for several multi-million dollar companies, we reinvested in our company to reach a new level and the results will be exponential.

The reward for me is and always will be in the chase. The pursuit. The reach.

That’s all I have for now. We will be updating our site with a monthly recap along with useful information in between. We would love for you to witness our journey and also get some cool takeaways for your own journey. For those of you on a similar journey in your business, we will try and provide the best insight we can to help you avoid problems or difficulties that we have already ironed out. Stay tuned.

Thank you,

Cody Slosson

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