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Social Media Advertising.

We are experts at social media advertising for local businesses. 

We help local businesses attract leads through social media so they can have a flow of clients on demand.

We do this by launching custom-tailored social media campaigns that will establish brand trust and generate high-quality leads.

First, we analyze your ideal customer demographic, then we use proven tactics to get in front of them in order to produce healthy ROI.

The results of social media advertising are reflected in the number of conversions, form submissions, comments, likes, and views your local business receives.

Our Social Media Services give you the ability to connect with prospects where they are spending the most time. (Online)

We help local businesses spend their social media budget wisely to ensure they do not lose money in the process. 

We Customize Your Social Media Pages

We create and customize social media profiles with quality content that will be visually appealing and communicate a clear call to action for your potential customers.

We Establish Your Target Audience

We analyse your past clients as well as your competition to narrow down your ideal target demographic and get in front of them.

We Run Targeted Campaigns

We create posts in your social media accounts that will only show up in front of your target demographic. We target pospects based on data such as annual income, household composition, interests, occupation, etc.

We Track Incoming Traffic & Conversions

We send traffic to your website or landing page using technology that can sense the type of people that are coming to your page. Once this data is collected, we use it in future campaigns to further amplify the effectiveness of our advertising.   

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