Web Design Portfolio



The L&E Bottling Company is a Pepsi distributor in the South Puget Sound providing commercial vending services to Thurston, Mason, and Pierce Counties. Our project with the L&E consisted of a website redesign and continuous social media/search engine ranking campaigns. We are currently working with them to expand their new coffee vending services for commercial offices. The new website adapts to all screen sizes and features a new ordering system. 

Sunset Air

Sunset Air is a residential/commercial HVAC company serving western Washington. Our work with Sunset Air consisted of the construction of a new website that represents their commercial design/build department. We also continue to manage their social media ad campaigns and work to improve search engine ranking for both the commercial and residential websites. 



Glacier Aviation is one of the few flight schools in the U.S. specializing in helicopter training/certification. In order to capture the excitement of flight in the Pacific Northwest, we created a video background on the homepage that simulates flying a helicopter over Mt. Rainier. We continue to manage their social media ad campaigns and work to expand their search engine ranking to attract students from all around the world. 



Sunrise Landscaping is one of the best landscaping companies in Olympia, WA also specializing in tree removal. We gave their site a redesign to showcase their work and we also manage their social media. We have ran several search engine ranking campaigns and run targeted online marketing campaigns. 



Dr. Jeffrey Hamilton is one of the best dentists in Olympia, WA specializing in cosmetics. We redesigned his website and continue to manage his social media advertising and search engine rankings. We help drive online traffic to his client case studies to get new patients. 



Boggs Inspection Services is a home inspection company serving Thurston County and surrounding areas. Our work with Boggs Inspection Services consisted of a website redesign, social media management, and SEO campaigns. We also completed a video commercial that was later played at a movie theater. 


Facebook Page

Dr. Andrew Kapust is one of the best pediatric dentists in Thurston County also specializing in orthodontics. We have done a lot of projects for Dr. Kapust including testimonial videos, social media management, and SEO. We help him run successful contests for his clients and designed digital flip books for his website filled with client education material. 



Site Response is an industrial safety training company located in Olympia, WA. We gave site response a much needed update to their website with simple functionality and search engine optimization. The website now adapts to all screen sizes and is well branded. We continue to work with Site Response to run online marketing campaigns.

Trophy Plumbing

Mr. Electric

Trophy Plumbing is a plumbing company in Olympia, WA providing commercial and residential plumbing services to Thurston County and surrounding areas. We designed their website and manage their online marketing campaigns. 

Mr. Electric is a franchise of electrician companies. We work with the franchisees located in Lacey and Tacoma, WA. We run their online social media advertising and provide blog content and marketing materials that generate targeted traffic to their website. 


Glacier Power

90ten Basketball Academy is a basketball training camp that prepares middle school kids for high school basketball and beyond. We designed their website and implemented a membership checkout system to track member accounts. 

Glacier Power and Gas is a utility company that sells electricity and hot water at wholesale price. We designed a website that serves as an educational landing page that is easy to read and easy to look at. 

JNS Restorations

Lead Capture Page

JNS Restorations is a home restoration company in Olympia, WA specializing in residential and commercial remodel and lawn care. We created their website with the main focus of generating leads. We also work to manage their social media and are in the early phases of SEO campaigns. 

Lacey Glass

Lacey Glass is a commercial and residential window installation company in Lacey, WA. We helped designed separate residential and commercial websites to target different audiences. We optimized both sites for user experience and are running multiple search engine ranking campaigns. In this commercial website we focused on giving their portfolio a clean look. 

Under Construction

Olympia Sports Acupuncture

We did a website redesign for Olympia Sports Acupuncture that was clean, affordable, and simple. Sometimes these are the best things a website can be. The main focus on this website was a lead capture function. 



This is the residential website for Lacey Glass. We redesigned this website with the main focus being an updated portfolio and examples of the wide variety of showers they install. 

NW Jams

Northwest Jams is a music video library holding only music from independent musicians in the Pacific Northwest. We collected all of the data for this website and grew traffic from 500/mo to 5,000/mo in 3 months. We also held live events showcasing musicians featured on the website.  



We are working on a complete redesign for the Gyro House in Covington, WA. It is currently under construction, but as you can see in the before and after, it is shaping up quite nicely. 

Under Construction



We are also working with a broker from Paramount Residential Mortgage to greatly improve his web presence. As you can see from the snapshots, we have already updated the look drastically and brought it up to date. 

Under Construction 

The In Team


The In Team is a premier business networking group in Olympia, WA focusing on building professional relationships. This website is one of our greater accomplishments. It was created from scratch to facilitate an active online community of business owners. It was meant to add value to the already thriving In Team network by providing an easy to use member directory and private real-time messaging between members.  

Custom Blend Labs

Product Page

Custom Blend Labs is a nutraceutical company that sells a testosterone booster kit. We worked with Custom Blend Labs to create an e-commerce website with an advanced affiliate sales program. The website issues you a link and if a sale is made through your link, you receive automatic commissions. 


City of Lacey

Gateway Rotary

These are two event websites we have created. One was for the City of Lacey celebrating 50 years and the other was for the Gateway Rotary's annual Brats Brews and Bands Festival. 

Sans Gilmore

Gabe Toma

Here are a couple sites we built for two small business owners in Thurston County, WA. Sans and Gabe each wanted a place to send clients and prospects for easier communication and education. The sites also add to each owners credibility and authority. 

Cut Rate Auto Parts

Online Store

We gave the website for Cut Rate Auto Parts, a 5-store chain in Western Washington, a redesign centered around simplicity and clarity. Then we were able to seamlessly integrate the online store so customers can get the parts they need shipped right to them. 

Eagle One Air

Custom Color Schemes

Here's the design we did for Eagle One Air. We added a cool feature on this one. Whenever a visitor clicks a different service provided by the business, the logo and color scheme of the entire page changes to match. How's that for a custom build?